Pixar’s 22 Rules of Storytelling

Former Pixar story artist Emma Coats tweeted this series of “story basics” in 2011. These were guidelines that she learned from her more senior colleagues on how to create appealing stories.

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Telling Your Story and Finding Your Voice at the Film Independent Forum

Some of the more vital voices and visionaries in indie doc and feature filmmaking today proffered their words, wisdom and wit at the annual Film Independent Forum  last month, held at the Directors Guild of America in Los Angeles. With a robust directory of case studies and resources to complement the panels, workshops and discussions […]

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Charlie Jane Anders: 10 Nearly Perfect Movies, And What They Teach Us About Storytelling

Maybe there’s no such thing as a perfect movie. It’s usually enough of a miracle that a movie gets made. But every once in a while, a movie manages to tell a great story without a brush stroke noticeably out of place. Here are 10 nearly perfect movies, and what they teach us about storytelling. […]

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Noam Kroll on “Finding Your Point Of View As A Film Director & How It Will Bring Your Vision To Life”

The job of a film director is very subjective, and would undoubtably be defined countless different ways depending on who is defining it. I’ve written a lot on this blog about how the director’s role has changed throughout the years from being primarily focused on directing actors, to now having a hand in every facet […]

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Did Josh Koury’s documentary on Gay Talese force change to Dreamworks plans?

Sam Mendes, DreamWorks Drop Gay Talese ‘Voyeur’s Motel’ Movie After Being Blindsided By Documentary EXCLUSIVE: The movie adaptation of the Gay Talese book The Voyeur’s Motel that Sam Mendes planned to direct and produce with Steven Spielberg at DreamWorkshas just been killed. This is the latest and most jarring turn in a twisted and messy road […]

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